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Awards and Achievements

Awards and Achievements


Awarded: 2022 CUCCIO Community Award

CANHEIT Conference, June 21 2022

Awarded for work on “Amplifying Digital Accessibility in Education at McMaster University.”

Project description:

The amplifying digital accessibility in education initiative was created by members of the Faculty of Science and the Equity and Inclusion Office at McMaster University in response to the shift to remote learning and work due to the pandemic. As many individuals faced increased barriers due to a completely digital environment, knowledge translation efforts were increased to improve digital accessibility in education and work at McMaster. With a goal to make accessible content creation accessible to all, this initiative leveraged existing technologies on campus to disseminate information to faculty, staff, and students through the Microsoft Office 365 Suite, Kaltura, and eCampus Pressbooks. Training included hosting over 50 synchronous sessions for a combined 1000+ attendees since the start of the pandemic. We have also received over 900 visitors and 2000 page views to training materials in 2022 so far, and over 1200 visitors and 2000 page views in 2021 to our asynchronous resource, which has been recently migrated to eCampus’ Pressbooks to allow for open access to its contents. Titled the “Accessible Digital Content Training,” it was created through collaboration with multiple units across faculties who are involved in accessibility initiatives at McMaster University and has been shared to other institutions in Ontario. 

The CUCCIO Community Award recognizes an individual, group or institution whose efforts exemplify CUCCIO’s desire to build, support and enrich the higher education IT community. Unlike the innovation and collaboration awards, this award will honour a member institution, individual or group who has demonstrated a passion for CUCCIO’s principles of information-sharing, collaboration and knowledge creation throughout the CUCCIO community. “

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Nominated: President's Awards for Outstanding Service in 2020 at McMaster University (June 2021)

CANHEIT Conference, June 21 2022

Nominated as a member of the Faculty of Science Remote Experience Tech Transition Team due to outstanding contributions to digital accessibility at McMaster.

The Faculty of Science Remote Experience Tech Transition Team spearheaded the move of McMaster’s largest Faculty into remote teaching and learning while ensuring that the new pedagogical context did not produce new disabling environments. Members of the team worked with MacMillan publishing to set accessibility requirements for the next iteration of a textbook used by Biology 1A03; they delivered remote teaching hardware to 135 instructors and 242 TAs and, to evaluate digital content, they enlisted the first user testing group in Canada for students who employ assistive technology.

The team developed and deployed low-cost, pop-up recording spaces, helped scale usage of Crowdmark and ensured that course outline management exceeded AODA requirements. After the team co-created an accessible documents webinar series that filled a gap in Microsoft’s product training, Microsoft managers adopted aspects of the training materials. The team also fostered the growth of the Blended and Online Community of Practice to more than 300 instructors and staff from across campus. Additionally, the team assumed a prominent role in supporting the University-wide “One Desk” initiative by launching a support ticketing system and becoming the first unit on campus to connect the major on-campus service units under a single project. Thanks to the team’s work, any McMaster Faculty can now directly engage support staff from the MacPherson Institute, Student Success Services, UTS, Campus Classroom Technology, Equity & Inclusion and Faculty-based technical support.

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Outstanding Achievement Award - Ontario Collegiate Equestrian Association

March 2020

Awarded to individuals who have demonstrated extensive involvement and support of the Ontario Collegiate Equestrian Association. I received this award after eight years of involvement as a competitor, official, executive member, and horse donor.

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2018-2019 West Zone Horse of the Year

March 2019

Awarded to the top horse of the West Zone circuit.

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2016-2017 West Zone Supporter

March 2017

Awarded to individuals who demonstrated extraordinary support for the West Zone of the OCEA.

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Riley Dobson Horsemanship Memorial Award - Trillium Hunter Jumper Association

Sept 2016

Awarded to individuals who exemplify superb sportsmaship and horsemanship on the Trillium Hunter Jumper Association circuit.